Vote recount in Moldova without change of result

The recount of votes cast in the Moldovan parliamentary elections three weeks ago has not led to a change of the result.

Former president and Communist leader Vladimir Voronin had claimed that 10% of the vote had been stolen from his party even though international observers declared that the electoral process had been up to democratic standards. The constitutional court had only agreed to order a recount of the ballot as tables with election results published by the National Electoral Commission had shown several discrepancies. The recount revealed on minor differences to the results published on November 30, 2010; however, these were too small to make a difference in the election result.

Moldova is thus still politically deadlocked as – even though the pro-European parties would be able form a government – neither the Alliance for European Integration nor the Communist Party have the required number of 61 out of 101 deputies to elect a president.

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