Slovakian parliament overrides presidential veto

The Slovakian parliament has overridden president Ivan Gasparovic’s veto of the income tax today.

Out of 79 deputies present 77 voted for the override of the bill, thus surpassing the necessary threshold of an absolute majority (i.e. 76 out of 150 deputies). President Gasparovic now has to sign the bill which he had vetoed with special reference to a one-off 80% tax on excess carbon dioxide allowances.


2 thoughts on “Slovakian parliament overrides presidential veto

  1. Im always confused about which adjective to use when describing people from the Slovak Republic…
    Slovakian or SlovaK??

    • The rule (to which I probably do not always adhere and which creates a lot of cases in which both terms can be used interchangeably) is as follows:

      ‘Slovakian‘ is used in relation to the country of Slovakia

      ‘Slovak‘ is used in relation to the people of Slovakia or their language

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