Lithuanian president sustains veto, proposes legislation

Dalia Grybauskaite at the 'World Economic Forum on Europe' in Brussels, Belgium, May 11, 2010. © Youssef Metfah

The Seimas, the Lithuanian parliament, has backed president Dalia Grybauskaite’s veto of a tax lowering on alcohol. Out of the 95 deputies, 69 voted in favour of sustaining the veto, 8 voted against and 18 abstained from voting. Even though the government opposed the veto, most deputies voted in its favour as a lowering of the tax would have caused the budget deficit to rise by 0.1 percent of the GDP (€ 288.2 million; $37.9 million).

President Grybauskaite furthermore submitted draft legislation to parliament proposing to revise and alter the definition of crimes against humanity and limits of criminal liability. According to Mrs Grybauskaite, these are defined differently in other states and their current form does not adequately capture the crimes during the state’s annexation and occupation but also those after the re-establishment of its independence. The new law will – once passed  by the Seimas – also be applicable retrospectively.

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