Vaclav Klaus most-trusted politician; first polls for 2013 presidential race inconclusive

Vaclav Klaus most trustworthy politician

A poll conducted by the CVVM polling institute has shown that president Vaclav Klaus is the most trusted politician in the Czech Republic.
Out of the sample 65 percent declared that they trusted president Klaus; he is followed by foreign minister Schwarzenberg who received 43 percent. Miroslava Němcová, the speaker of the lower chamber, takes the third place with 34 percent. Klaus is one of three politician for whom more respondents declared their trust than those who distrusted them. The other two are Jiří Pospíšil, the current minister of justice, and the head of the Constitutional Court, Pavel Rychetský who were placed sixth and fourth, respectively.

Trustworthiness of Czech politicians - December 2010

First presidential election polls for 2013

The first poll with regard to the presidential race in 2013 showed surprisingly high levels of support for economist Jan Svejnar who unsuccessfully ran against incumbent Vaclav Klaus in 2008. A poll conducted the Median agency last week showed that 30.7 percent of Czech voters would vote for him if he ran in the direct presidential elections in 2013 when Klaus’ second terms end. Only 9.9 percent would vote for foreign minister Schwarzenberg who is the most likely candidate of the TOP09 party. Svejnar would also defeat Senate deputy chairman Premysl Sobotka.

However, nearly 60 percent have not made up their mind yet which is probably due to the fact that until now no politician has officially announced her/his candidacy. Furthermore, when asked which politician they wanted to be president independently from the likely party-candidacies of Svejnar, Schwarzenberg and Sobotka, a majority of respondents declared they would prefer former prime minister Milos Zeman to all three.

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