Moldova with new acting president, new government in sight

The leader of the Moldovan Democratic Party, Marian Lupu, has been elected as the new speaker of the Moldavian parliament. He is therefore also the new acting president of Moldova as parties have still not been able to elect a new president.

After his election, Lupu mandated Vlad Filat – who had already been prime minister since September 2009 – to form a new government. The government will not differ much from the one formed before the snap elections last year as it will be composed of the parties of the ‘Alliance for European Integration’. Nevertheless, the problem of electing a new president still exists – the coalition only disposes of 59 votes in the 101-deputy assembly. However, 61 votes are needed to elect a president. A compromise with the Communists who won 42 seats and are thus still the largest single party is unlikely.

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