Vote of investiture for Moldavian government on January 14

Moldavian prime minister designate Vald Filat announced yesterday that he will present his government programme and the new cabinet on January 14.

A coalition treaty of Filat’s party, the Liberal Democrats, with two other parties, the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party, had already been signed on December 30, 2010. The parties also formed a coalition before the early elections last November. However, the ‘Party Alliance Our Moldova’ which had been part of the previous coalition will not be part of the new government as is failed to pass the electoral threshold.

Before the government’s vote of investiture another parliamentary session is planned for January 10 in order to elect representatives to the various committees. Insiders also told the press that the coalition is eager to attempt to elect a new president still in this month. Moldova has been without an elected head of state since September 2009 as neither the Communist party nor the parties of the ‘Alliance for European Integration’ dispose of the 61 deputies necessary to elect a new president. Now, however, analysts predict that the government might be able to convince some Communists MPs to vote for the Alliance’s candidate and thus end the prevalent political dead-lock.

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