Ukrainian presidents sustains veto on one bill, vetoes another

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych has sustained his veto of the law on the diplomatic service. The law which regulates amongst other the general structure and several responsibilities of and within the diplomatic service had already been vetoed on June 9, 2010. Yesterday, parliament finally passed an amended version of the bill: ยง13 which foresaw that the relevant committees of parliament had to be consulted on appointments of ambassadors, envoys and other high-ranking members of the diplomatic service was eliminated according to the president’s proposal.

In Ukraine, the president has the right to propose amendments to every bills s/he sends back to parliament for consideration. While a veto can only be overridden by a 2/3 majority of deputies (currently the highest threshold in Central and Eastern Europe), a vetoed law can be passed with a simple majority if it incorporates the president’s propositions.

Today, president Yanukovych then vetoed the recently adopted law on minority stake sales. According to the regulations included in the bill, minority shareholders could be forced to sell their shares if the majority owner demanded it (though not under the medium market price. Until now, president Yanukovych has not given details on why he vetoed the bill.

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