Ukrainian president announces formation of Constitutional Assembly

Ukrainian president Vikotor Yanukovych has revealed his plans to form a Constitutional Assembly to improve Ukraine’s constitution – the so-called ‘Basic Law’.

As several media report, Yanukovych announced the formation of such a body during a session of the ‘Commission on Strengthening Democracy and the Rule of Law’ held in Kiev today. According to him, the Assembly should work as a consultative body that would “match the position of experts on constitutional law, political experts, politicians and the public”.

Without mentioning any specifics about the composition and working of the Assembly, president Yanukovych declared that he also saw the need for constitutional reform in Ukraine recently expressed by the European Parliament and other EU institutions. According to him, the process of constitutional reform would compromise a general discussion of provisions needed to be reformed as well as drafting the new provisions of the constitution. Furthermore, the aim of the reform process would be to form a “balanced system of representative democracy of the European model”.

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