Bulgarian parliament votes for president to recall ex-secret service ambassadors

The Bulgarian parliament passed a vote by 152 – 33 to ask president Georgi Parvanov to recall those ambassadors from their posts that had served for the secret service before the end of Communism. Until now, president Parvanov who himself is known to be a former informant to the Communist services had refused to recall the ambassadors.

A committee report published in December last year had revealed that more than 190 high-ranking diplomats had worked for the secret services. These include the current Bulgarian ambassadors to the China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal and the United Nations.

Even after the vote, opposition leader Sergei Stanishev still supported the president’s decision stating that there were no legal grounds to dismiss the ambassadors. There has not been an official reaction from the presidential office yet.

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