Ukraine: Impeachment plans and possible presidential veto

Former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko declared on TV that she and her team are preparing an impeachment procedure against president Viktor Yanukovych. However, Tymoshenko did not reveal any details of the plans.
Only last month an action group had tried to register a referendum for the impeachment of president Yanukovych but failed. The Central Electoral Commission declared that their bid for a nation-wide referendum (which also called for the dismissal of parliament and new elections) did not comply with the law

Presidential veto possible
President Yanukovych might veto the law on urban development. This was revealed to the media by the head of the presidential administration, Hannah Herman. The law stipulates the abolition of mandatory public hearings and assessments of the environmental and architectural impact for urban development construction projects. Already two weeks ago, many organisations had protested against the law and now called on the president to veto it in an open letter.
The official goal of the bill is to reduce corruption in the building industry; opponents of the bill, however, argue that it was tailored for a handful of big investors and now fear that archeological sites and smaller eco-systems might be destroyed.

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