Slovakian parliament overrides president’s veto of judicial reform

The Slovak National Council has overridden president Ivan Gasparovic’s veto of the judges act. The bill was a crucial part of the government’s reform of the judiciary.

The law – vetoed by the president in December 2010 – foresees that from May 2011 onwards judges will be selected by the way of a prescribed, formal process. The whole process (and its documentation) will be public and applicants will have to submit a declaration about any relatives and acquaintances that already work for the judiciary. Furthermore, the ministry of judges and the Judicial Council will no longer be able to suspend judges; this power will be transferred to a disciplinary senate. Lastly, court rulings will be made accessible on the internet.

The law is seen as a big step towards greater transparency of the judicial system. Only recently, a survey of international investors had shown that corruption and poor law enforcement were seen as the main obstacle to investments in Slovakia.

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