Polish president remains most-trusted politician, delays announcement of election dates

An opinion poll by the CBOS showed that president Komorowski remains the country’s most trusted politician. 65 per cent of the respondents declared they trusted Komorowski, while only 15 per cent did not trust him. Once again, the second position goes to the leftist leader Grzegorz Napieralski who – having the same level of distrust as the president – is trusted by 51 per cent of the people. Prime minister Donald Tusk comes in third with 47 per cent trusting and 16 per cent not trusting him. Former prime minister and twin brother of Komorowski’s predecessor, Jarosław Kaczyński, is (again) the least trusted politician – only 21 per cent trust him, while 41 per cent do not.Many analysts have tried to interpret these trends in terms of the electoral results in the forthcoming elections but it is still not clear whether Napieralski can transform his popularity into an electoral success for the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) – in the past months, support for the SLD has varied greatly between 13 and 21 per cent.

Meanwhile, president Komorowski has still not announced the dates of the next general elections which are due to take place autumn this year. Despite pressures from the government, Komorowski declared he would take his time because he wanted to make sure that Poland will have an elected government at the last big event of its EU presidency (which it takes over from Portugal in July) on December 13, 2011. Furthermore, he wants to consult with the National Electoral Commission about the possibility of holding elections on two days. This possibility was introduced to a recent change to the electoral code but representatives of the electoral commission declared that they might have problems to staff the ballot station on two days in a row. Until now, a one-day election on October 23 seems to be the most favoured election date. Many people had criticised that elections on two days increased the costs from 90 million złoty (€ 22.6 mio) to 140 million złoty (€ 35.2 mio). In case president Komorowski still wants to hold elections on two dates, he would have to wait until August 1, 2011, as the amendments to the electoral code only then come into force.

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