Moldova’s acting president attacks prime minister

The speaker of the Moldavian parliament and acting president of Moldova, Marian Lupu, has attacked the prime minister about his negotiations with the Communist party.

After the last parliamentary elections in Moldova led to an inconclusive result, parties are still struggling to elect a new president. The winners of the last elections and currently governing parties of the ‘Alliance for European Integration’ hold 59 seats in the 101-deputy assembly. However, 61 votes are needed to elect a new president. After the elections, the coalition parties had declared that they would not enter into negotiations with the Communists but prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Vlad Filat, has met with Communist leader and former president Voronin to negotiate a deal. Acting president Lupu now accused Filat of having a secret deal with the Communist party and destroying the tactics of the European alliance.

Filat however denied the claims made by Lupu and declared it was crucial for Moldova to find a pragmatic solution to the problems of presidential elections (Moldova has been without an elected head of state since September 2009). In the case that it was not possible to reach an agreement with the Communists, a change of the constitution to (again) provide for a popular election of the president was inevitable.

Theoretically, a red-green coalition of Communists and Liberal Democrats would be able to elect a new president (and even change the constitution) without the help of another party – together they dispose of 74 seats in the assembly.

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