Bulgarian president refuses to speculate about successor

Speculations about the candidates in the 2011 Bulgarian presidential race are in full swing, incumbent president Georgi Parvanov, however, refused to take part in the speculations.

During a state visit to Austria, president Parvanov was asked to name his favourite candidate for the presidential office after he finishes his second term. Parvanov refused to name a particular person and declared he was not planning on ‘nominating’ a successor. The website ‘Standart News‘ quotes him saying “I prefer not to comment on who will succeed me in the Presidential chair, unless the situation necessitates such a comment.” The president declared that there would certainly be an abundance of candidates and that he preferred not to take sides. Lastly, he would applaud any candidate who wins the election.

After two terms as president, Parvanov is not allowed to run for office again. Possible candidates (with a chance of winning) include former prime minister and chairman of the Socialist party, Sergei Stanishev, and the Bulgarian EU commissioner, Kristalina Georgieva.

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