Ukrainian president vetoes amendment bill on public procurement & publishing industry

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych has vetoed the amendment bill ‘On amending some laws of Ukraine to improve the procedure of procurement of state ordered publishing industry products’. The bill introduces changes to the laws on publishing and public procurement.

Yanukovych justified his veto with the fact that the changes to the amendments would allow public authorities to conclude contracts for publishing products without following procurement procedures. Furthermore, the law foresees that public procurement procedures shall not apply when the state buys books. According to the president, this would give way to corruption and the waste of public funds. Furthermore, the changes contradict Art 42 of the Ukrainian constitution (protection of free competition).

Also, Yanukovych declared that an implementation of the bill in its current state might attract further criticism from the European Commission and the World Bank. These had repeatedly pointed out that the Ukrainian economy was suffering from severe problems in the area of free market competition, especially with regard to the exhaustive list of goods and services purchased by public authorities following non-competitive procedures.

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