Czech parliament overrides presidential veto – labour office reform to take effect

The lower chamber of the Czech parliament has overridden president Vaclav Klaus’ veto of the labour office reform. The bill foresees a complete reorganisation of labour offices.

There are currently 77 independent labour offices in the Czech Republic administering 250 employment centres and 400 offices dealing with social benefits. In the future, this structure will be replaced by 14 regional branches of the central directorate of labour offices in Prague and contact centres in each of the 226 Czech municipalities.

President Klaus had justified his veto of the bill stating it was ‘ill-conceived’ and increased bureaucracy. VV (‘Public Affairs’) deputy and drafter of the bill, Martin Vacek, declared that by merging several offices the reform would rather reduce than inflate bureaucracy. Futhermore, the reform would significantly decrease spending in this area.

Presidential vetoes can be overridden by a majority of deputies in the lower house of the Czech parliament – yesterday, 107 out of 200 deputies voted in favour of the bill.

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