Newsflash – Ukraine, Hungary, Kosovo

President Viktor Yanukovych has submitted a draft law to parliament which foresees the ban of party membership for civil servants. According to the draft, civil servants would have to suspend their membership during the time of their service. Furhtermore, civil servants who are registered candidates for the election to the Verkhovna Rada would be forced to take an unpaid leave during the electoral campaign.

The head of the Hungarian constitutional court, Peter Paczolay, called on the drafters of the new constitution to restore the full powers of the court. During a meeting with president Pal Schmitt, Paczolay said that there was no reason to uphold the current restrictions to the court’s powers to review laws passed by parliament. The governing parties had lately restricted the court’s power to review budget-related legislation; the drafters of the new constitution now proposed that the power of the court should be restored once the public debt is below 50 per cent of the GDP.

The highest court of the Republic of Kosovo ruled last’s month presidential election to be void. Following a complaint by opposition parliamentarians, the constitutional court investigated claims about irregularites during the vote. It is the second ruling concerning the head of state of Kosovo within only six months. Former president Fatmir Sejdiu resigned after the court declared that serving as party leader during his presidency violated the constitution.

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