Inaugural addresses of CEE presidents: A link list

In my last blog post I compared the inaugural addresses of Central and East European presidents – as a follow-up, you can find links to all the speeches of the current presidents and – if available – their predecessors below. The links are to the English translations, if the text is in another language this is indicated in parentheses. I aim to update this list in the future – suggestions for further links and countries to be included are always welcome!


Inaugural address of Rosen Plevneliev (Росен Плевнелиев) – 19/01/2012

Czech Republic

Inaugural address of Václav Klaus – 07/03/2003

Inaugural address of Václav Havel – 02/01/1993 (in Czech)


Inaugural address of Toomas Hendrik Ilves – 09/10/2006


Inaugural address of Janos Áder – 10/05/2012

(Inaugural address of Pál Schmitt – 05/08/2010 – not available)

Inaugural address of Lászlo Solyom – 05/08/2005 (in Hungarian)


Inaugural address of Andris Bērziņš – 08/07/2011

Inaugural address of Valdis Zatlers – 08/07/2007


Inaugural address of Dalia Grybauskaitė – 07/12/2009


Inaugural address of Bronisław Komorowski – 06/08/2010

Inaugural address of Lech Kaczyński – 23/12/2005


Inaugural address of Traian Basescu – 20/12/2004


Inaugural address of Ivan Gašparovič – 15/06/2004

Inaugural address of Rudolf Schuster – 16/06/1999 (in Slovak)


Inaugural address of Borut Pahor – 22/12/2012

Inaugural address of Danilo Türk – 22/12/2007

Inaugural address of Janez Drnovšek – 22/12/2002

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  1. […] For this blog post, I have created word clouds reflecting the number of times certain words have been mentioned. While there are more sophisticated techniques in Political Science to analyse the frequency of words and their meaning, the visualisation is a very good method to give an overview (in the very literal sense of the word) of what  presidents stress in their first speeches to the nation. As historic inaugural addresses are often not available in English translation, I have limited my comparison to the currently serving presidents. Click here for a list of links to inaugural speeches of current CEE presidents. […]

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