Putinism – An ideology?

Anna-Cara Keim takes a look at the Russian president.
Note: This post is part of a new cooperation with the blog Crossing the Baltic.

Russian president Vladimir Putin | photo by Politsurfer via wikimedia commons

Putinism is an expression widely used to describe the ruling style of Russia’s current president Vladimir Putin. This ruling style has been described as a guided democracy with a carefully managed economy resembling the rent-seeking oil economies of the Persian Gulf. Moreover, gas and energy have also become Russia’s defining foreign policy features. Media censorship might not be comparable to the days of the Soviet Union – however, it is ensured that the life of the few remaining independent and critical journalists is as difficult as possible.

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Opposition in Armenian Presidential Elections Limited

Kasia Remshardt explores the landscape of the forthcoming Armenian presidential elections.

Government House in Yerevan, Armenia. Come 18 February, there is unlikely to be a new incumbent | photo by Rita Willaert via flickr.com

On 18 February 2013 Armenia will hold presidential elections, however there is little reason to believe that it will produce a genuine political battle between the candidates or shake up the disillusioned Armenian public. Instead, current office-holder Serzh Azati Sargsyan is likely to win a new mandate thanks to his overwhelming administrative resources, a feature he shares with many of his regional counterparts.

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